Build a Safe, Loving and Caring Care Home Culture

Care Home CULTURE is the KEY to Care Home Success!

Definition of CULTURE: HOW we work and How we Think and Feel about things we do here

Creating a loving and caring care home is a seriously difficult task Completing seriously difficult tasks with consistency needs simple but powerful tools.

CQE was founded to create and propagate those tools Our system was built with these goals in mind

GOALS – Happy Residents – A TRULY Caring Culture … providing – Continuity of Quality Care … in a Loving Atmosphere

Happy residents (and residents’ families) are the most important ingredient for care home success. If care homes really want happy residents they need to create happy carers. Out of the top 25 UK industries, the healthcare industry comes 25th for happiness. CQE’s care home software tracks carer happiness using the system developed by Lord Mark Price – a former government Minister for Trade, Managing Director of Waitrose, and Deputy Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership.

The typical care home’s carer “Happiness at Work” rating will exceed ALL other UK industry sector ratings within 12 months of adopting CQE’s care home software (that’s a rise of over 25 percentage points). The care home software gives monthly feedback on carer’s “Happiness at Work” ratings as well as trends.

One of the keys to consistent care quality delivery is continuity of care. Three of the by-products of happy carers are (1) New carer applicants are more attracted to the post; (2) Current carers are less likely to leave … and (3) As well as improving the quality of residential care, greater continuity reduces the need for agency overheads. The care home software tracks carer continuity on a monthly basis.

Carer Happiness depends on (a) the right carer recruitment process .. and (b) building the right care home culture. Both of these will be addressed in the next bulletin in this series.