An exclusive service for nursing and residential care home managers

CQE Ecosystem

There are Three levels to the Ecosystem

Foundation Level

The Foundation Level provides the time and support to build and adapt the ecosystem alongside your current admin structure.

That starts when you recieve a welcome card from our founders James and Harold as they like to know who we are looking after.

You will also receive an email with a notice explaining that the surveys staff take will ensure only recruits as good as they are will be accepted in future.

We will phone to arrange a time to zoom meet our onboarding maestro who will explain email connections, security and passwords.

Once you have arranged your password you will be able to logon to the survey portal anytime and begin to get carers to complete a survey.

When all carers have been surveyed it will trigger your safety certificate which also illustrates your culture status.

You can then wander across into the professional level using the surveys to recruit.

You will be able to make sure you employ only safe applicants to new positions by using the survey when they do a DBS.

You will see what makes your team tick plus who is is stressed but not displaying it. You will discover the truth about your homes safety level.

Most of all you will be informed for the first time of your culture at work in real time.

A detailed explanation of foundation is right below.


The Foundation level will help you understand how it works. Submit your application form to get you going.

  • Our one to one team will personally guide you through the process.
  • They will take account of your current hardware and programmes.
  • They will create and introduce strict security levels to guarantee protection.
  • They will ensure that they protect existing applications that you use regularly
  • They will make sure that the introduction is smooth and works to your satisfaction

 ‘Step 2 – Begin your Ecosystem journey with CQE Surveys

To establish your current safety level, you will need to survey all your care staff.

  • Each member of staff will complete a survey on a computer supervised in the workplace.
  • The survey is a very simple process.
  • The staff member administering the survey, will click the start button
  • Choosing from multiple choice answers, carers response to questions.
  • This continues until the survey is complete.
  • This simple survey takes on average, about ten minutes to complete.

It is important for carers to know that it is not a test and there are no winners or losers. You are simply ensuring that no one is recruited who is less capable than they are.

It’s important for managers to know that the surveys cannot be rehearsed, coached or given to someone like the answers to an exam and that it is presented differently every time it’s used so it cannot be copied.

CQE Devices

The CQE Certificate

Once you have surveyed all your carers, CQE will produce a certificate showing the level of safety. This is calculated by the sum total of your carer surveys, which reflects the safety level of your care culture.

A 70% rating is established as the minimum safety level of any care culture and the continued use of surveys will allow you to demonstrate continual improvements to your Care Home safety.

You can display your certificate in your reception area for guests and visitors to see.

An independent certificate on display will demonstrate that you operate a transparent culture prioritising residential safety.

Staff will begin to take pride in the pyramid scale as they influence status improvements.

Regulators will recognise certificates as evidence of continuing quality improvement and how it contributes to KLOE 1.

Your certificate can also be forwarded to your insurance broker as evidence of your continued safety focus.

Each new certifcate help to will build your case file as evidence in a PIR (Pre-inspection report).


Professional Level

The Professional Level – Adds Two Crucial Care Management Tools

“Recruit Safe” is The First Crucial Tool

The survey can be used to identify appropriate recruits. Applicant carers complete the CQE survey when they do their DBS. When complete the surveys come to CQE and managers receive their result immediately.

The survey result will help you decide who to take into your team but it’s crucial to get this right because you could be working towards completing your CQE safe rag rota which proves each shift is safe. If you do need to take staff on in spite of the result you at least know the risk applied to working alone with vulnerable service users. 

“The Safer Shift builder” is the Second Crucial Tool

The safe rag rota tool is colour coded, indicating if a shift you have created is safe. If it is it all green, the shift is safe but if it is dominated by red, the shift isn’t safe and you’ll need to change it.

Ultimately your rota should be dominated by greens, speeding up the rota creation process. Green rotas demonstrate, your continuing quality improvement becoming evidence of strong leadership and management. You will be able to populate rotas with established ‘safe staff’ at the touch of a button.

Only a manager can view the safe rota screen. Once a manager has approved the rota as safe, a standard rota containing only shifts for the staff notice board can be printed.

Safe Rota image for web

Executive LEVEL

The Executive Level delivers monthly reports exposing trends and risk.

Care groups interested in growth through acquisition are also able to survey the staff in homes of commercial interest as part of due-diligence.

Funding applications are better supported with independent risk assessments.

The outcome of the newco surveys will expose their actual safety level becoming independent evidence in the negotiation of the SPA multiplier.

The cultural health of homes in large and growing organisations can be vulnerable to remote leadership. The CQE individual reports engage close governance increasing the protection of capital investment and trading continuity.

Taken together,  CQE tools and systems empower care leaders and managers to conceive, create and monitor care quality ecosystems with a sense of certainty and confidence hitherto unattainable.

The Executive Level produces monthly reports on the variation and change in performance.

Monthly Reports

The reports include:

  • Group safety trends,
  • 3D Carer survey,
  • Staff Retention levels,
  • Safe Shift Trend,
  • Carer Stress Levels,
  • Carer Advocacy,
  • Carer Churn,
  • National happiness comparison.


CQE Staff Surveys Hold The Key

To Care Home Cultural Assessments


The CQE System Fosters & Encourages Happiness & Wellbeing

in Residential Care Environments


CQE Cultures Encourage Staff Compassion,

Which Protects Resident Dignity


Care Leaders Using The CQE System

Are Able To Deliver Continuing Quality Improvement


The CQE System Generates The Reports Necessary

to Keep Executive Management “In Touch” with The Cultures In Their Homes



The Foundation Level introduces CQE with 1-1 support for managers starting their ecosystem journey. Managers begin a new experience as they see the ecosystem protecting residents and uniting staff. Managers go and grow at their own pace and in their own time.

The professional level is when it really gets interesting as it introduces innovative tools to recruit safe staff & build safe rotas. It assures that every shift created is reliably safe and becomes the evidence to prove it on inspection. Watch your care culture become even stronger.

The Executive level monthly report exposes the overall quality of the home’s cultural health to managers, owners & investors. The reports become a powerful independent reflection of leadership and management at its best, importantly endorsing KLOE 5

What does it all cost? Because of the importance of its mission the CQE service is heavily subsidised. Your team of experts are financed from day one on your behalf so it costs your home nothing until such time as your culture and quality start to accelerate. That normally take a few months after that you will be invited to contribute a basic one pound per week for each resident in your care. Your contribution will help us cover the cost of your technical support and admin.  We recieve your contribution monthly in arrears but you can stop and start again any time with a phone call.  CQE are able to agree concessions for registered charities and groups.

Care Quality Ecosystems was created by experienced care leaders to protect managers, staff and importantly care home residents in order for them to enjoy the very best of working or living in a safe, happy and caring residential home environment.